The Bruce Difference

The Bruce Difference

How does Bruce stand apart from other Furniture and Mattress stores?

At Bruce Furniture, we wholeheartedly care about every person that shops with us because you are our friends, family, and neighbors. That’s why we have outlined our beliefs and how we know we can best help you and our community.

Bruce Delivery Team Assembly
  • We believe in free, on-time delivery.
  • We believe delivery includes moving items in your home to make room for new pieces.
  • We believe dropping furniture off in a driveway isn’t delivery.
  • We believe in free removal of your old furniture or mattress for donation, auction, consignment, or disposal.
  • We believe furniture isn’t furniture until it’s fully set up and ready for immediate use upon pickup or delivery.
  • We believe in exchanging anything that doesn’t make you happy.
  • We believe we have a responsibility to support our communities with our time, our talents, and our resources.
  • We believe in doing things the right way, not the easy way.
  • We believe listening is more important than talking.
  • We believe mistakes happen. We also believe it’s how you fix them that matters.
  • We believe quality is long remembered after price is forgotten.
  • We believe there is a huge difference between the cheapest price and the best deal.
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